Where Is It Worn?

    “Where Is It Worn?” Friend, July 1995, 26

    Where Is It Worn?

    From the list below, can you figure out the country or area where each item of clothing is worn?

    1. Mantilla (scarf or short cape)

    a. Japan

    2. Muumuu (loose-fitting long dress)

    b. Spain

    3. Lederhosen (leather shorts)

    c. France

    4. Dashiki (loose-fitting pullover garment)

    d. North Africa

    5. Kilt (knee-length pleated skirt)

    e. West Africa

    6. Kimono (long robe with wide sleeves)

    f. Germany or Bavaria

    7. Sari (material draped to form a dresslike garment)

    g. Scotland

    8. Sombrero (high-crowned hat with a wide brim)

    h. India

    9. Burnoose (hooded cloak)

    i. Mexico

    10. Beret (visorless cap with a soft top)

    j. Hawaii


    • (1) b, (2) j, (3) f, (4) e, (5) g, (6) a, (7) h, (8) i, (9) d, (10) c.