Double Fun
February 1995

“Double Fun,” Friend, Feb. 1995, 26

Double Fun

Each answer in this puzzle has two different meanings. Each clue suggests both meanings.

Example: Clue—This piece of jewelry sounds like a bell. Answer—ring.

word game


  1. Hit a golf ball with this group.

  2. Use this to draw a place for pigs.

  3. This is still there and not to the right.

  4. This is a measuring stick that sits on a throne.

  5. This is neither easy nor soft.

  6. The brain does obey.

  7. This is a factory in a flowerpot.


  1. At the very end, this won’t wear out.

  2. Sixteen ounces are what you can beat into the ground.

  3. It’s not heavy when you switch this on.

  4. This loud noise is a pole on a sail.

  5. This bakery treat likes to go around and around.


  • Across—(1) club, (3) pen, (4) left, (6) ruler, (8) hard, (9) mind, (10) plant. Down—(2) last, (3) pound, (4) light, (5) boom, (7) roll.