Party Games
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“Party Games,” Friend, Feb. 1995, 43

Party Games

If you have a valentine (or other) party, here are some paper-and-pencil games you might include.

  1. Without putting down their names, have each person write a description of her/himself. Collect the papers, mix them up, then read each description and see if the group can guess who the person is.

    Variations: Have the descriptions be of a real person he/she would like to be, or of an animal (real or imaginary) she/he thinks is particularly interesting.

    Time limit: 4–6 minutes

  2. See who can come up with the longest list of things that are naturally yellow. Things colored artificially (like clothes, icing on cakes) don’t count. Give examples (leaves in the fall, bananas) only if needed.

    Time limit: 3–5 minutes

  3. Have each person make up book titles and “appropriate” authors. When time is up, ask each to read his witticisms. Here are some examples to help get the creative juices running: Hide and Seek by I. C. Ewe, Bigfoot by Harry M. Onster, How to Add Big Numbers by Carrie Over, The Seesaw by T. Tertotter.

    Time limit: 8–10 minutes