The Sacrament
February 1995

“The Sacrament,” Friend, Feb. 1995, 16–17

The Sacrament

[We] witness … that [we] do always remember him [Jesus Christ] (Moro. 5:2)


  1. Ask an older person to mount page 17 on lightweight cardboard.

  2. Cut out the pictures.

  3. Find a picture of yourself that will fit in a box. (Get permission from Mom and Dad.)

  4. Ask someone to read what it says under the boxes, then tape or glue each picture in the proper box.

  5. Draw or glue additional pictures of Jesus on the back.

  6. Take the page to church with you. Look at it during sacrament time to help you remember to be reverent and think of Jesus.

The Sacrament

Quietly I eat the bread

and drink the water too.

I fold my arms

and think of Jesus—

That’s what I should do.

How to act during the Sacrament

Illustrated by Elise Niven Black