Hidden Books of the Scriptures

“Hidden Books of the Scriptures,” Friend, Oct. 1992, 23

Hidden Books of the Scriptures

The name of a book from the scriptures is hidden in each sentence. Circle it, then name the volume of scriptures it is in.

Example: CTR stands for choose the right. (Ether is in the Book of Mormon.)

  1. There will be no shouting in Primary.

  2. Our Valiant A class meets in room nine.

  3. Which is more important, baptism or money?

  4. Goliath was not a fine Philistine.

  5. Samson’s great strength made him an unusual man.

  6. It’s a fact—scripture study is fun!

  7. The First Vision was a most wonderful event.

  8. Ammon is my greatest hero in the Book of Mormon.

  9. Did Noah say, “I sure hope termites travel well on this wooden ark”?

  10. We can be reverent by walking silently to our classrooms.