Columbus Puzzle

“Columbus Puzzle,” Friend, Oct. 1992, 26

Columbus Puzzle

Columbus was led to discover America. He was guided by the Holy Ghost. Follow the directions of the puzzle to find out where this was foretold.

  1. Write COLUMBUS. ________________

  2. Add the sixth letter of the alphabet to the end.________________

  3. Insert an R after every S in the word.______________

  4. Move the last letter to the fourth position. ________________

  5. Delete the second and seventh letters.________________

  6. Add the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth letters of the alphabet to the end._________________

  7. Change the first two letters to the letters that come before them in the alphabet._________________

  8. Change the order of the last two letters._________________

  9. Delete every letter U._________________

  10. Insert the letter A as the second, third, and fifth letters._________________

  11. Insert the fifteenth letter of the alphabet before each S._________________

  12. Delete the nineteenth letter of the alphabet._________________

  13. Change the first three vowels to Os, and read where Columbus’ discovery of America was predicted._______________