Song Riddles

“Song Riddles,” Friend, Sept. 1992, 23

Song Riddles

Name the title of the Primary song each riddle is about. All are in the Children’s Songbook, but beware—sometimes the first words of a song are not its title!

1. Not sick, not poor, and not dumb—

Sing me, and you won’t feel glum.


2. After Friday, and before Sunday is the name of this song.

If you pick the right day, you can’t go wrong!


3. We weren’t the moms and dads

When we came across the plains.

We walked and walked and walked and walked

And prayed and played our games.


4. I’m tall, and I like to reach for the sky.

The birds build their nests in my branches up high.


5. I start out very fat and round.

Children build me on the ground.

White and cold, outdoors I stay.

When the sun comes out, I melt away.


6. When Daddy comes home, I never miss—

I give him a hug, and I give him a kiss.


7. A place of love and beauty,

It’s where I plan to go.

Forever families are sealed there.

It’s the house of God, I know.


8. Something white that goes “pop!”

Grows on our apricot tree.

It comes in the spring

And is lovely to see.


9. My family’s oh-so-good to me!

To live with them always is my plan.

And I can do it because, you see,

The Lord has shown me how I can.


10. My teacher tells me stories

‘Bout a people far away

To whom God gave a promised land

To keep if they’d obey.


11. Courage, service, truth—

Red, yellow, and blue—

Each stands for a message;

Each is a symbol true.


12. Two men’s houses were rained hard upon.

The one on rock still stands; the one on sand is gone!