Book of Mormon Alphabet

“Book of Mormon Alphabet,” Friend, Sept. 1992, 14

Book of Mormon Alphabet

Each clue describes a person, place, or thing mentioned in the Book of Mormon. All answers start with the letter of the alphabet indicated before the clue (there is no X). See how many you can get before looking up the references to check your answers. This quiz may be used as a family home evening activity.

  1. Prophet whose words Alma believed. (See Mosiah 17:2.)

  2. Land of fruit and wild honey by the sea of Irreantum, where Nephi was told to build a ship. (See 1 Ne. 17:5–8.)

  3. Jaredite king who was blessed for protecting the prophets. (See Ether 11:1–3.)

  4. What the Jaredites called the honeybees they took to the promised land. (See Ether 2:1–7.)

  5. Silver Nephite coin equal to four senums. (See Alma 11:4, 12.)

  6. Those who defended their religion and government; they were opposed by the king-men. (See Alma 51:5–7.)

  7. Leader of a band of robbers and murderers originally led by Kishkumen. (See Hel. 2:4.)

  8. Nephite who built and launched many ships. (See Alma 63:5–8.)

  9. Man who, with his family, journeyed with Lehi into the wilderness and died there. (See 1 Ne. 7:1–5; 1 Ne. 16:33–34.)

  10. Prophet son of Enos, who wrote very little on the plates because they were so small. (See Jarom 1:1–2, 14.)

  11. Anti-Christ who asked Alma for a sign and was struck dumb. (See Alma 30:11–60.)

  12. Lamanite king converted by Ammon. (See Alma 17:19–18:31.)

  13. Ten-year-old Nephite told to write on the plates when he was twenty-four. (See Morm. 2:1–4.)

  14. Valley named after a mighty hunter; where the Lord talked with the brother of Jared. (See Ether 1:1, 4.)

  15. Son of Jarom; Nephite record keeper who did not fully keep the commandments of God. (See Omni 1:1–3.)

  16. Righteous Nephite governor to whom Captain Moroni wrote an angry letter, then marched to help. (See Alma 60–62.)

  17. At the crucifixion of Christ in Jerusalem, these helped completely change the northern part of the land of the Nephites. (See 3 Ne. 8:heading, 3 Ne. 8:12.)

  18. Elevated place of worship in Zoramite synagogues. (See Alma 31:12–25.)

  19. Mother of Nephi. (See 1 Ne. 2:5.)

  20. Both the Lehites and the Jaredites lived in these for a time. (See 1 Ne. 16:9, 12; Ether 2:13.)

  21. Stones in silver bows, with which Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon. (See Introduction—Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith.)

  22. Where Lehi saw “the things of God.” (See 1 Ne. 5:4.)

  23. Where Samuel the Lamanite preached to the Nephites. (See Hel. 13:1–4.)

  24. Name by which we distinguish the son of Alma: Alma the _____. (See Mosiah 29:heading.)

  25. Lawyer who tried to trick Amulek and Alma into denying God’s existence. (See Alma 10:12–16; Alma 11:20–37, 46.)