Just Mice!

“Just Mice!” Friend, Sept. 1992, 28–29

Just Mice!

When we’re helping, we’re happy (Children’s Songbook, page 198).

Susie and Sammy were in their secret hideout behind the couch.

“I wonder where Susie and Sammy are,” said Mommy as she walked by. Susie giggled. Sammy giggled.

“Listen,” said Daddy. “I think we have mice in our house. Maybe we should get a cat to chase them away.”

Susie and Sammy giggled again.

A few minutes later, when Mommy put dishes out on the counter so that she could set the table for dinner, the doorbell rang. When she went to answer it, nobody was there. She stepped out on the front porch and looked around. She still couldn’t see anyone. When she returned to the kitchen, she had quite a surprise—the table was all set! “Now, who could have done that?” she asked. There was a giggle from the closet. “It must be mice,” Mommy mumbled to herself.

After dinner, Susie and Sammy excused themselves, Mommy went to do the laundry, and Daddy started to clear the table. The doorbell rang again. When he went to answer it, nobody was there. He looked all over the yard, but couldn’t find anyone. When he came back to the kitchen, the table was cleared. “Now, who could have done that?” asked Daddy. Another giggle came from the closet. “We really need a cat,” Daddy said to himself.

The next morning when Mommy was starting to make beds, the doorbell rang again. And again, nobody was there! “This is very strange,” she said. When she got back to the bedroom, both Susie’s and Sammy’s beds were already made. “This is very, very strange,” she said. “Is that a giggle I hear coming from under the bed? No. It’s probably just mice again.”

That night Mommy called to Daddy, “It’s time to get Susie and Sammy ready for bed. Will you help me?” Suddenly the TV went on, the radio went on, the doorbell rang, and the timer on the top of the stove started ringing. Mommy and Daddy went running. When they came back, Susie and Sammy were in their pajamas and in their beds, looking freshly scrubbed and pretending to be asleep.

“My, my!” said Mommy. “Wasn’t that a commotion?”

“What could have caused it?” asked Daddy.

Susie and Sammy started to giggle.

“Just those mice,” said Mommy winking at Daddy.

“We’d better get a cat,” said Daddy winking at Mommy.

“Meow! Meow! Meow!” Mommy and Daddy said, tickling and kissing Susie and Sammy. “Let’s keep these mice!”