New Testament Advent Calendar

“New Testament Advent Calendar,” Friend, Dec. 1991, 31

New Testament Advent Calendar

INSTRUCTIONS: Carefully remove pages 24–25 and 31 from the magazine and mount them on lightweight cardboard. Cut out the small pictures along the solid black lines, then fold the tabs back along the dotted lines. Next, carefully cut slits along the dotted lines above the scrambled dates on the calendar. Glue an envelope on the back of it to keep the small pictures in. Use this activity for an advent calendar this year and in coming years, or in Primary, Sunday School, or family home evening. If you can write small, put the scripture on the back of each picture.

Beginning December first, look up scripture number 1, find the corresponding small picture, and insert its tab into that days’ slot.

While you’re reading the scriptures, find the different cities and other locations on the map.

Illustrated by Shauna M. Kawasaki