Insect Scramble

“Insect Scramble,” Friend, July 1991, 47

Insect Scramble

Unscramble the insect names, then match each insect to the correct description of it.

1. weargi ____________

a. This tiny insect sucks plant juices.

2. respid ____________

b. This native European flying insect produces wax and honey.

3. sinmat ____________

c. This large, harmless insect with double netlike wings eats other insects.

4. neeboyeh ____________

d. This insect has jointed antennae and pinchers on the end of its body.

5. tomosqui ____________

e. Some types of this insect spread malaria.

6. tomh ____________

f. This insect has large, often brightly colored wings.

7. ropepraghss ____________

g. Many of these eight-legged creatures spin webs to entangle prey.

8. trickec ____________

h. Great numbers of this leaping insect can totally destroy crops.

9. tan ____________

i. The larvae of this nocturnal insect have feathery antennae and sometimes eat clothes.

10. flubertty ____________

j. This large, insect-eating insect often looks as if it is praying.

11. oowd soule ____________

k. Sometimes called a cicada, this short-horned grasshopper strips vegetation.

12. slocut ____________

l. This small, strong insect lives in a colony, where it has special duties.

13. phida ____________

m. This leaping insect chirps by rubbing its forewings together.

14. tang ____________

n. When annoyed, this insect, sometimes called a pill bug, can roll into a ball.

15. nagflordy ____________

o. This tiny fly bites.