Clothespin Butterfly

“Clothespin Butterfly,” Friend, July 1991, 33

Clothespin Butterfly

To make a butterfly, you will need: tracing paper, pencil, scissors, construction paper, spring-type wooden clothespin, crayons or colored markers, glue, glitter, and a pipe cleaner.

Clothespin Butterfly
  1. Trace the butterfly wing on this page and cut it out. Trace the pattern onto the construction paper twice, and cut out both wings.

  2. Decorate the butterfly wings and the body (the clothespin) with crayons or colored markers, and glitter.

  3. For antennae, bend the pipe cleaner in half, curl the ends, then glue the middle in the clip end of the clothespin.

  4. Glue the wing flaps to the sides of the body. Let dry.

Illustrated by Julie F. Young