Mother’s Day Gifts

    “Mother’s Day Gifts,” Friend, May 1988, 35

    Mother’s Day Gifts

    Sachets for Mom

    Make your mom or someone else special a sachet that can be put into a dresser drawer to make clothes smell nice. Each time your mom opens a drawer, she’ll think of you. For each sachet, you will need: 2 different colors of felt, ruler, pencil, scissors, tissue cut in half, cologne, glue, and narrow ribbon 8″ (20 cm) long.

    1. Cut two 2″ (5 cm) squares of felt from same color.

    2. Make heart-shape pattern small enough to fit on 2″ (5 cm) square. Using different color of felt, trace heart pattern onto it and cut out.

    3. Fold tissue until it’s about 1″ (2.5 cm) square. Sprinkle cologne on tissue.

    4. Outline outer edges of one felt square with glue. Place folded tissue in middle of glued square, then place other square on top. Pinch sides of squares together until glue sticks. Wipe off excess glue.

    5. Cover one side of felt heart with glue, place in middle of felt square, and press firmly.

    6. Make small bow with ribbon. Put glue on knot of bow, place in middle of heart, and press firmly. Set aside until glue dries. You might want to try shapes other than squares and hearts.

    Mother’s Day Card

    To make card, you will need: white paper, pencil, crayons, scissors, construction paper, glue, and envelope.

    1. Trace house pattern onto white paper, color, then cut out. Remember to cut door along broken lines.

    2. Place house on construction paper, trace around outside edges, and cut out.

    3. Glue houses together around outside edges except on bottom.

    4. Carefully open door and write: Happy Mother’s Day! Sign your name, then place in envelope.