The Creation

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“The Creation,” Friend, May 1988, 24

The Creation

In the beginning Jesus Christ—the God of our earth—created the earth under Heavenly Father’s direction, and it was covered with darkness.

(See Moses 2–3.)

Instructions: Open staples, remove pages 24 and 25, then close staples. Mount pages on lightweight cardboard. Carefully cut around drawings on solid lines. Lay pages flat on table and fold up on broken lines. Use “The Creation” to give a talk in Primary or a lesson in family home evening.

1 First Day Darkness divided into day and night

2 Second Day Heaven (sky) organized, with waters in the sky and below it

3 Third Day Water separated from dry land, and plants of all kinds caused to grow

4 Fourth Day Sun set in sky for daylight, moon for light at night

5 Fifth Day Every kind of living creature except man created

6 Sixth Day Man and woman created in image of Heavenly Parents

7 Seventh Day A day blessed and sanctified as a day of rest

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney