Sharing Time: Respect the Law

    “Sharing Time: Respect the Law,” Friend, Aug. 1987, 12

    Sharing Time:

    Respect the Law

    Let no man break the laws of the land, for he that keepeth the laws of God hath no need to break the laws of the land (D&C 58:21).

    What are God’s laws? Joseph Smith wrote thirteen statements that briefly tell what many of the principles of the gospel are. God’s laws teach us how to live these gospel principles. As we learn and live them, we prepare ourselves to live with Heavenly Father. We become like Him as we keep His laws. For example, the twelfth article of faith states: “We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.”

    If we are obeying God’s laws, then we should also be obeying the laws of the land.

    Here is an activity that can help you remember what each article of faith is about. As you do the activity, think about how well you are respecting the laws of God—and the laws of the land.

    Articles of Faith Key Words

    The Articles of Faith I’ll start learning today;

    Key words will help me remember what they say.

    If I just get started, I can memorize each one

    Of these gospel truths. It will be a job well done.

    First, the Godhead; second, men;

    Third, the atonement—we’ll live again.

    Four, first principles (note that there are four);

    Five, hands; six, organization as before.

    Seven, gifts; eight, translate;

    Nine, revelation, which means communicate.

    Ten, ten tribes; eleven, we claim;

    Twelve, law; thirteen, now only admonition does remain.


    1. Mount these pages on colored paper.

      Respect the Law
      Respect the Law

      Illustrated by Beth M. Whittaker

    2. Cut out rectangles; place them facedown on floor or table.

    3. Read poem several times to review key words.

    4. First player turns two cards faceup. If cards do not match (key word and picture for the same article of faith), cards are turned over and next player takes turn. If cards match, score one point and put cards aside. Player takes another turn after making match. Give bonus points for saying entire article of faith by memory for each match.

    5. Game could also be played like Authors or Fish by making two more cards for each article of faith.

    Sharing Time Ideas

    1. Enlarge cards and play game by classes.

    2. Give key words in random order to thirteen children; ask remaining children to arrange key words in correct order.

    3. Seat children in circle. Assign child to be “it.” “It” points to someone in circle, gives number, and begins to count. Child pointed to must respond with key word of article of faith for that number before “it” reaches ten.

    4. Write key words on small pieces of paper. Put each paper into balloon, then inflate balloons. Invite children to take turns popping balloon, reading key word, and repeating entire article of faith by themselves or with help from their class.

    5. Sing the Articles of Faith songs (More Songs for Children, pages 33–47). When pianist plays music, children could guess key word, then sing song.

    6. See Sharing Time Resource Manual, page 38.