Wing-Flapping Pelican

“Wing-Flapping Pelican,” Friend, Aug. 1987, 33

Wing-Flapping Pelican

To make wing-flapping pelican, you will need: pencil, tracing paper, two pieces of construction paper, scissors, glue or tape, hole punch, stick, two pieces of string as long as your arm, one piece of string and one piece of heavy thread half as long as your arm, and button.

  1. Trace two bodies and two wings onto construction paper. Cut out.

    Wing-Flapping Pelican
  2. Glue or tape bodies together.

  3. Punch holes in each wing and body where marked. Draw eye on both sides of body.

  4. Make tab on wings by folding on dotted lines. Glue or tape tab of one wing on one side of body, then repeat with other wing on other side of body (see illustration).

  5. Thread longer strings through wing holes, then around stick. Gently bend wings to “rest” on bottom of strings (see illustration).

    Attach with thread
  6. Thread heavy thread through body hole and button. Tie.

  7. Tie remaining string to center of stick. Hold by this string and pull gently on button; pelican will flap wings as though in flight.