Molly’s Special Secret
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“Molly’s Special Secret,” Friend, June 1987, 3

Molly’s Special Secret

Molly woke up early. It was a special day because Molly had something very important to tell Daddy.

Molly climbed up onto her chair for breakfast and smiled. She wanted to tell Daddy her special secret right away, but Mommy and Daddy were talking. So Molly ate her cereal instead.

Molly helped Daddy fix the car. She handed Daddy wrenches and screwdrivers and kept him company. It was a good time to tell Daddy her special secret.

“Daddy?” Molly began.

“Yes, Molly?” Daddy said. But when Daddy sat up, he hit his head and grumbled. So Molly just smiled and gave him another wrench.

After lunch Daddy and Mommy washed dishes. Molly colored in a coloring book. She colored an elephant purple, a lion green, and then paused. “Daddy?” Molly tried again.

But just then, Brring! Brring!

“Wait a minute, Molly,” Daddy said as he went to answer the phone.

Daddy talked a long time, and Molly colored another page in her book. This time she colored an alligator orange.

Daddy and Molly drove to the store that afternoon. Molly watched the trees and houses whiz past. The sun shining through the window made Molly feel warm. Surely now was a good time to tell Daddy.

“Daddy?” Molly said as they arrived at the store.

“Yes?” Daddy replied, opening Molly’s door.

“Daddy, I—” but Molly stopped talking to watch a beautiful black and yellow butterfly flutter past her.

“That’s a swallowtail butterfly, Molly,” Daddy told her. They held hands as they walked into the store, but Molly kept turning around, trying to see the butterfly again. She forgot to tell Daddy her special secret.

Molly played with her racing cars after dinner. Vroom! Vroom! But her racing cars didn’t go as fast as they usually did. Molly sighed. A whole day had gone by, and she still hadn’t told Daddy her special secret. Molly looked up at Daddy sitting on the couch. “Daddy?”

“Yes, Molly?” Daddy put his newspaper down and sat on the floor with her.

Molly grinned. Finally it was time to tell Daddy her special secret.

“I love you, Daddy.”

Daddy hugged Molly for a long time. “I love you, too, Molly,” he said.

Daddy played racing cars with Molly until bedtime. And now the racing cars went very fast.

Illustrated by Julie F. Young