Biblical Anagram Aliases
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“Biblical Anagram Aliases,” Friend, June 1987, 27

Biblical Anagram Aliases

Use the clues to rearrange the letters in each “alias” to spell a familiar Biblical name.

  1. Dan Rew (brother of Simon Peter)

  2. Cal Heim (called the Archangel)

  3. Betsi Hale (mother of John the Baptist)

  4. Jim Banne (Jacob’s youngest son)

  5. O. M. Sine (held Baby Jesus in temple)

  6. Ira Mim (Moses’ sister)

  7. Lil Head (had Samson’s hair shaved off)

  8. Al Dine (thrown into lion’s den)

  9. Les Mua (prophet who anointed David)

  10. Hy O. Mitt (one of Paul’s companions)


  • (1) Andrew, (2) Michael, (3) Elisabeth, (4) Benjamin, (5) Simeon, (6) Miriam, (7) Delilah, (8) Daniel, (9) Samuel, (10) Timothy.