Sand Painting Card for Dad
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“Sand Painting Card for Dad,” Friend, June 1987, 27

Sand Painting Card for Dad

You will need: 5″ (13 cm) square of both paper and sandpaper, pencil, scissors, newspaper, several small containers, sand, food coloring, paper towels, white glue, toothpick, cotton swabs, spoon, spray varnish (optional), and construction paper.

  1. Spread newspaper over work area. For pattern, draw or trace simple picture such as animal, tree, car, etc., onto paper, and cut out.

  2. Place pattern on sandpaper and lightly trace.

  3. After deciding what colors to use for picture, divide sand into containers, one for each color. (Remember that you can use natural color of sand too.) Add food coloring to sand, and mix well. Once you have shade desired, pour moist sand onto paper towel and let dry.

  4. Pour small amount of glue into container. Select first colored sand to be used. Dip cotton swab into glue and cover areas of picture where first color is to appear. Now take small spoonful of sand and sprinkle onto wet glue. Gently press sand in place with finger, then shake excess off onto newspaper. Use toothpick to even out edges. Repeat procedure for other colors, then let dry.

  5. If desired, spray picture with clear varnish.

  6. Fold construction paper in half to form card; glue picture to outside. Write message to your dad inside.

Illustrated by LaFarne Holz