People to Remember in the Book of Mormon

“People to Remember in the Book of Mormon,” Friend, May 1987, 46

People to Remember in the Book of Mormon

Match each person named in the first column with his or her description in the second column.

1. Lehi

a. Leader of two thousand stripling warriors

2. Nephi

b. Went into forest to hunt beasts, prayed a day and a night for forgiveness

3. Sariah

c. Prayed that his son would repent

4. Alma

d. Righteous king, addressed people from tower

5. Samuel the Lamanite

e. Abridged plates from which Book of Mormon was compiled

6. Helaman

f. Asked Lord to light sixteen stones to provide light for vessels crossing ocean

7. Mosiah

g. Wife of Lehi, had two sons while in wilderness

8. Brother of Jared

h. Last writer in Book of Mormon

9. Benjamin

i. From city wall prophesied coming of Christ

10. Moroni

j. Had four sons who were converted and became great missionaries

11. Mormon

k. Told by Lord to leave Jerusalem and take his family to land of promise

12. Enos

l. Saw angel, became helpless and dumb, repented and preached gospel

13. Ether

m. Lived in cave and kept records

14. Alma the Younger

n. Obtained plates of brass from Laban

15. Abish

o. Lamanite convert, servant of Lamoni