Biblical Beasts

“Biblical Beasts,” Friend, May 1987, 43

Biblical Beasts

The name of an animal mentioned in the Bible is hidden in each sentence. The name will be part of at least two words. Can you find the ass, bear, calf, camel, dog, goat, horse, oxen, raven, and swine.

Example: My winter scarf is here on the table.

  1. Sharon always came later than I did.

  2. You can go at three o’clock.

  3. I always try to do good work.

  4. Tracy is in the sixth or seventh grade.

  5. There will be a rodeo in July.

  6. Walt rolled the box end over end.

  7. The Vikings win every game.

  8. Most local farmers get up early.

  9. Jeremy has six freckles on his nose.

  10. There were three extra vents in the air shaft as a safety precaution.