Zoo Book

“Zoo Book,” Friend, May 1987, 30

Zoo Book

To make your own Zoo Book, you will need: 2 pieces of colored lightweight cardboard or heavy construction paper (for book cover), paper punch, 1 sheet paper for each animal, glue or tape, animal pictures cut from old magazines, and 2 short pieces of string or yarn.

  1. Make pocket on each page of book by folding up bottom and gluing or taping side edges (see illustration).

  2. Punch 2 holes at top of cover and each page, and tie loosely with string or yarn (see illustration).

  3. Place picture(s) of each animal in pocket. See if you can find all these animals: alligator, bat, bear, beaver, buffalo, camel, cat, chipmunk, cow, crocodile, deer, dog, elephant, fox, frog, giraffe, goat, hippopotamus, horse, kangaroo, koala, lion, lizard, monkey, moose, mouse, opossum, otter, panda, pig, porcupine, prairie dog, rabbit, rhinoceros, seal, sheep, skunk, snake, squirrel, tiger, toad, turtle, walrus, whale, wolf, zebra. Can you find other animals too?

  4. If you have picture of lots of animals together, glue or tape it on front cover.

Illustrated by Julie F. Young