Zion’s Camp

    “Zion’s Camp,” Friend, Nov. 1986, 17

    Zion’s Camp

    Adapted from Doctrine and Covenants Stories (PBIC037A)

    (See D&C 103; D&C 105; Essentials in Church History, chapter 20.)

    Men to go to Missouri

    1 While Joseph Smith was in Kirtland, Ohio, he learned that the Saints in Missouri were being driven from their homes by an enemy mob. The Lord revealed to Joseph that he and five hundred men should go to help the Missouri Saints and to take money to buy land there.

    few men volunteered

    2 Only one hundred men answered the call to go with Joseph to help the Saints in Missouri.

    Zion’s Camp

    3 Joseph and the men who traveled with him were called Zion’s Camp. Some of them walked; others rode in wagons. At night they camped together. On the way about a hundred more men joined them. The thousand-mile journey was hard, and food was scarce.

    Some complained

    4 Some of the men complained about the difficult trip, the food, and the Prophet Joseph’s leadership. Joseph warned them to repent, or they wouldn’t survive. Those who loved the Lord and were obedient helped Joseph.

    Mobs tried to kill Zion’s Camp

    5 When the men of Zion’s Camp reached Missouri, they camped by a river. After dark a mob, which had been watching the men of the camp, crept up on them to kill them.

    The Lord sent a terrible storm

    6 Before the mob could do its evil work, however, the Lord sent a terrible storm. The wind blew over trees, the river flooded the land, giant hailstones pelted down, and lightning flashed everywhere, killing one mobster and injuring others. The survivors fled, realizing that God was helping the men of Zion’s Camp, who were uninjured by the violent storm.

    Zion’s Camp could stay or return

    7 Two days later the Lord told Joseph Smith in a revelation that the men in Zion’s Camp could choose to stay in Missouri or go back to Kirtland.

    The Lord unhappy with the disobedient

    8 The Lord was unhappy with those who were disobedient and wouldn’t help with His work in Missouri. As forewarned, many of them became ill, and fourteen died. To those who were obedient and helpful, the Lord promised a blessing of power.

    Joseph and friends return to Kirtland

    9 Joseph Smith met with the Saints in Missouri, and righteous leaders were chosen to be on the high council. Then Joseph and his friends went back to Kirtland.

    Zion to be established later

    10 Because Zion’s Camp had not attracted enough righteous men, the Lord revealed that Zion would be established in Missouri at a later time.