Sharing Time: Blessings of Every Color!

    “Sharing Time: Blessings of Every Color!” Friend, Nov. 1986, 46

    Sharing Time:

    Blessings of Every Color!

    O give thanks unto the Lord (Ps. 105:1).

    Like an artist, God has made

    The world in every color and shade.

    The fruit, the flower, the rainbow, the tree—

    Blessings of every color to see.

    Showing gratitude is expressing our thanks to Heavenly Father for everything that He has made for us. Sometimes we do not appreciate all that we have. Here is something that you can do to help you remember and be grateful for the blessings you have.


    1. Color pictures and palette appropriate colors.

      Color pictures
      Color palette

      Illustrated by Doug Roy

    2. Look at artist palette of colors. Beginning with red, say, “I am thankful for things that are red.” With your eyes closed, try to think of at least ten things that you are blessed with that are red; name them out loud.

    3. Open your eyes and draw pictures of these blessings on part of palette for red, or cut out small pictures from these pages or from other magazines and paste them there.

    4. Repeat for each color.

    Sharing Time Ideas

    1. Draw large palette on piece of poster board. Divide children into six groups, and assign a different color to each group. Have each group draw pictures of blessings associated with assigned color; cut out and attach to poster.

    2. On another Sunday, play game using poster. While childrens’ eyes are closed, remove one blessing, then have children open eyes and guess what’s missing. Discuss what it would be like without that blessing. Continue removing and guessing blessings as time permits.

    3. Play another game by selecting child to describe blessing, and let others try to guess what it is. Tell color clue last. Example: “The blessing I am thinking of is something to eat; it grows in bunches, and it is green” (grapes).

    4. Sing related songs, such as “Thanks to Our Father” (Sing with Me, A-3), “Thanksgiving Round” (Sing with Me, B-33), and “Count Your Blessings” (Hymns, no. 241).