Manila Farm

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“Manila Farm,” Friend, Aug. 1986, 33

Manila Farm

For a pasture full of farm animals, you will need: large manila envelope, ruler, scissors, carbon paper, pencil, crayons, and glue.

  1. Glue envelope flap securely.

  2. Carefully remove this page from magazine.

  3. Mark edge of fence on envelope ends. Using ruler, draw fence.

  4. Place carbon paper face down on envelope, place pattern on top, and trace animals along envelope edges.

  5. Color animals and fence.

  6. Being careful not to cut along envelope edges, cut out animals and fence.

  7. Color other side of animals and fence.

  8. Fold fence in half, then open to make enclosed pasture.

  9. Put tiny dot of glue on inside edges of each animal’s nose (except cat’s) or beak, and hold edges together till glue dries.

  10. Spread sides of each animal enough so that figure will stand; place inside fence.

Illustrated by Lynn Titleman