The Three Kingdoms of Heaven
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“The Three Kingdoms of Heaven,” Friend, Feb. 1986, 20

The Three Kingdoms of Heaven

Adapted from Doctrine and Covenants Stories (PBIC037A)

(See D&C 76:20–24, 50–60, 70–82, 86–88, 98–103, 113–116, Preface.)

Joseph and Sidney wonder about heaven

1 One day, while Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon were reading the New Testament, they came upon a scripture that said good people go to heaven after they are resurrected. Joseph wondered if all people go to the same place in heaven, so he and Sidney prayed about it.

Joseph and Sidney see Heavenly Father and Jesus

2 Heavenly Father answered their prayer with a vision. Joseph and Sidney saw Jesus on the right side of Heavenly Father. They also saw angels worshipping Them.

We are God’s sons and daughters

3 Joseph and Sidney testified that they saw Jesus and Heavenly Father and that they heard the voice say that Jesus created the world and that we are God’s sons and daughters.

Celestial Kingdom

4 Joseph and Sidney learned that there are three places for people to go in heaven when they are resurrected. Righteous Saints will be glorified and go to the celestial kingdom, where Heavenly Father and Jesus live. And everything that They have the Saints there will have too.

terrestrial kingdom

5 Next Joseph and Sidney saw the terrestrial kingdom of heaven. People in the terrestrial kingdom were good people on earth, but they did not have faith in Jesus and did not obey all of the commandments.

These people cannot live the Heavenly Father or Jesus

6 Some of the people in the terrestrial kingdom did not believe the gospel when they heard it on earth but did accept it after they died. These people may see Jesus, but they cannot live with Him or Heavenly Father.

Telestial kingdom

7 Then Joseph and Sidney saw the telestial kingdom of heaven. Angels will visit them, and the Holy Ghost will teach them, but they will not see Jesus or Heavenly Father.

These people didn’t believe in Jesus

8 The people in this third kingdom were not righteous on earth. They did not believe in Jesus or the prophets. They were not baptized. They did not obey God’s commandments.

Joseph and Sidney see other things

9 Joseph and Sidney saw other things in their vision, and we can read about some of them. But Joseph and Sidney did not write down everything they saw. However, the Holy Ghost will make them known to us if we love God and become truly holy.