Book of Mormon Activity

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“Book of Mormon Activity,” Friend, Feb. 1986, 37

Book of Mormon Activity

The Book of Mormon was translated from five sets of plates: the brass plates, the large plates of Nephi, the small plates of Nephi, the plates of Ether, and the plates of Mormon. You can make a replica of these plates to remind you what the Book of Mormon was translated from.

Brass Plates

The plates of brass contained the writings of Moses and other early prophets and a record of the Jews, including the genealogy of Lehi’s forefathers.

Large Plates of Nephi

The large plates of Nephi were begun by Nephi soon after Lehi’s colony left Jerusalem. At first they contained mostly the day-to-day history of Lehi and his descendants, but later they included things of spiritual importance too.

Small Plates of Nephi

The small plates of Nephi, written by Nephi, contained the religious record of the Nephite nation.

Plates of Ether

The plates of Ether contained the history of the Jaredites. These plates were found by the people of Limhi in the days of King Mosiah.

Plates of Mormon

The plates of Mormon were started by Mormon and contained his comments, his abridgment of the books that were written on the Large Plates of Nephi, and a continuation of the history of the people by him and by his son Moroni. These plates were given to Joseph Smith by the angel Moroni.

  1. Glue page to light-weight cardboard.

  2. Cut out plates and descriptions along broken lines.

  3. Punch holes in sides as marked, then fasten together with yarn, brass fasteners, or rings.

Book of Mormon Activity