What Mi Lee Shared
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“What Mi Lee Shared,” Friend, Apr. 1985, 26

What Mi Lee Shared

For this story you will need 5″ x 6″ (12.5 cm x 15 cm) piece of paper, pencil, scissors, and crayons or colored pencils. Fold the paper in half lengthwise and trace pattern onto it. As you read the story, cut as directed.

Fold Pattern

Every Friday was show-and-tell day at Mi Lee’s school. Mrs. Green, her teacher, had made show-and-tell time a game. If you had something to share, you were to bring it to school all covered up so that it would be a secret. Then, during show-and-tell time, you would give the other children clues about your surprise, and they would try to guess what it was. (Cut 1 to 2.)

Mi Lee watched while her classmates shared a doll with hair that grew, a rocket that zoomed toward the ceiling, a book with pages that folded out into a house, and a collection of tiny glass animals. But Mi Lee hadn’t yet taken anything to share. (Cut on dotted line, 2 to 3.)

Then one day Mi Lee received a package from her grandfather in Japan. (Cut 3 to 4.)

The next day Mi Lee carried a large paper bag to school (Cut 4 to 5.)

When Mrs. Green called on her, Mi Lee gave these clues:

“Sometimes it’s open; sometimes it’s closed.” (Cut 5 to 6.)

“When it’s open, it’s too big to go through a door, but I can carry it in one hand.” (Cut 6 to 7.)

“I can use it on hot, sunny days or I can use it on wet, rainy days. What is it?” (Cut 7 to 8.)

Unfold the paper and see what Mi Lee shared, then color it.