Scripture Numbers

“Scripture Numbers,” Friend, Apr. 1985, 47

Scripture Numbers

Fill in the squares as you would for a crossword puzzle, but use numbers instead of letters. References are given for the more difficult clues.

Crossword puzzle


  1. Number of books in the Book of Mormon

  2. Number of years of righteousness among Nephites after Jesus visited them (4 Ne. 1:22, 24)

  3. Number of young men who fought with Helaman (Alma 56:5)

  4. Number of days and nights it rained while Noah was in the ark (Gen. 7:12, 17)

  5. Number of years the Israelites were in Egypt before Moses led them out (Ex. 12:40)


  1. Number of Apostles called by Jesus when He started His ministry

  2. Number of people Jesus fed with five loaves and two fishes (Matt. 14:16–17, 21)

  3. Number of people baptized at the Waters of Mormon (Mosiah 18:16)

  4. Number of books in the Old Testament