Sock Bunny

“Sock Bunny,” Friend, Apr. 1985, 27

Sock Bunny

You will need: woman’s terry-lined sock with pom-pom, scissors, ruler, needle, thread, stuffing, felt, and ribbon.

  1. Fold sock at toe seam. Starting at toe seam in center of sock, cut vertical slit 1 1/2″ (4 cm) long. To form ears, overcast edges, turn sock inside out, then lightly stuff ears.

  2. Stuff sock with two large pieces of stuffing. Put smaller piece of stuffing in heel of sock. Pin elastic edges of sock together, and stitch in place. Leave pom-pom exposed for tail.

  3. Mold flat base, keeping tail in back and heel of sock in front. Pinch small amount of stuffing in front to form semicircle, then stitch through stuffing and base.

  4. Divide into feet by making one stitch in center of pinched base; make toes by putting two stitches on each foot.

  5. Stitch up center of each ear. Tack bottom of ears in back.

  6. Cut eyes and nose from felt and sew in place.

  7. To make muzzle, knot thread and insert needle between ears, bringing it through stuffing and out below nose, then stitch up to each eye. On each side, stitch from center of muzzle stitches to base of each ear.

  8. To form haunches: on each side, stitch between second and third toe around to center back and tail. Above center stitch on feet, make several stitches to form front legs. Tie ribbon around bunny’s neck.

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney