Joseph and Emma

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“Joseph and Emma,” Friend, Mar. 1985, 17

Joseph and Emma

Adapted from Doctrine and Covenants Stories (PBIC037A)

(See D&C 24–25.)

Joseph and Emma worked hard

1 Joseph and Emma Smith lived in Pennsylvania on a small farm. They loved each other and worked hard, but they were poor and had many troubles.

Their son dies at birth

2 They wanted very much to have children. A son was born, but he soon died. Later Emma and Joseph had more children.

Joseph worried about his family

3 Joseph worried about his family. One of the things he did to take care of them was to plant crops so that they would have food.

Joseph worried about the Church

4 Joseph also worried about the Church. Wicked people were making trouble for the Saints, especially for the Church leaders. Joseph’s help and advice were needed constantly.

Emma worried about Joseph

5 Whenever Joseph had to leave home to help the Saints, he felt sad about leaving his family. But he knew that it was necessary. Emma often worried about him.

Joseph prayed about his problems

6 Joseph prayed about his problems. The Lord told him not to worry, because He would always help Joseph. Joseph was to continue to plant crops for his family and to help the Saints. In return, the Saints would give Joseph the things he and his family needed.

Emman an elect lady

7 The Lord spoke to Emma through Joseph. He called her an elect lady and gave her important work to do. She was to be a scribe for Joseph at times, and she was to comfort him when he was troubled.

Emma to teach the Saints

8 Emma was also told to teach the Saints from the scriptures. The Holy Ghost would help her in this important work.

The Lord told Emma what to write

9 The Lord told Emma that she should write and study and that Joseph would support her in her callings.

Emma commanded to choose hymns

10 The Lord said that the songs of righteous people are prayers, and Emma was commanded to choose hymns for use in the Church.

If Emma keeps the commandments she will be blessed

11 After reminding Emma that if she kept His commandments always, she would be blessed eternally, the Lord said that this was His counsel to everyone.