Denverr Kane of Tuscarora, Nevada
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“Denverr Kane of Tuscarora, Nevada,” Friend, Mar. 1985, 30

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Denverr Kane of Tuscarora, Nevada

Seven-year-old Denverr lives in northern Nevada on a large cattle and sheep ranch where his father is the cattle foreman. He has sixteen-year-old twin sisters and two older brothers. Living and working on a ranch is very enjoyable, and it keeps Denverr busy. One of Denverr’s chores is to bottle-feed the newborn calves or lambs when their mothers can’t or won’t take care of them.

Riding horses is one of Denverr’s favorite things to do. He has learned how to bridle his horse, Little Jinx, and pull himself up into the saddle without any help. Denverr likes to go riding with his dad. Sometimes he gets to help out during the roundups. Once when Denverr and his dad were looking for cows, they came upon a newborn colt. The herd of horses had been moved, and the baby colt was too small to keep up with its mother. Denverr asked his dad to let him keep the colt and raise it. His dad agreed and helped Denverr take it back to the ranch. It was a palomino, so Denverr called it Banana.

Denverr is also in charge of taking care of his new dog, Bimbo. His grandfather suggested the name Bimbo because he once had a dog named Bimbo that he really liked.

One of the most important skills to learn on a cattle ranch is how to rope. Denverr’s older brothers showed him how to throw the rope. Now Denverr practices on old buckets or fence posts. Sometimes he practices on live calves, but the calves don’t hold as still as a bucket or a fence post.

Because Denverr and his family live sixty miles from town, the children attend classes in a one-room schoolhouse. Denverr is one of three students in his grade. He is in the same room that his older brothers are in.

The boys will be in the same classroom with the same teacher until they finish the eighth grade. Then they will attend high school in Elko as their older sisters do.

Church is held in Denverr’s own house. His father is the branch president of the Tuscarora Branch, and sacrament meeting is held in the Kanes’ living room. One of Denverr’s sisters or his mother is his Primary teacher. Sometimes when the weather is nice, his Primary class is held outdoors on the limb of a big tree.

Denverr and his brothers have learned Primary songs, and they sing them together for special family programs. His family holds family home evening even when they are out on the range rounding up cattle. They invite the other cowboys, and they often play games and make ice cream after their family home evening lessons.

Photography by Janet Thomas