The Artist

“The Artist,” Friend, Mar. 1985, 28–29

The Artist

My paper on the easel,

My crayons on the tray,

I sketched a hungry weasel

And colored it in gray.

I also drew a turtle,

And then I drew a queen.

I made the turtle purple;

The queen I colored green.

I painted with impatience

The neighbor’s flower bed,

With daisies and carnations

In colors blue and red.

I drew the kitchen fixtures,

The cabinets, the sink,

And made terrific pictures

When coloring them pink.

And then I sketched the fellow

Who just arrived in town.

I made the fellow yellow;

The town was black and brown.

I drew a bowl of porridge

And then a smiling moon.

I made the porridge orange

And made the moon maroon.

I watched the sparrows caper.

I watched them as they flew,

And drew them on my paper

In beige against the blue.

Beginnings are the hardest,

But I have no complaint.

I’ll be a famous artist

As soon as I can paint.

Illustrated by Julie F. Young