Name the Brands

“Name the Brands,” Friend, May 1984, 45

Name the Brands

In the twilight of his life, Orrin Porter Rockwell raised horses on a ranch out on the Skull Valley flats west of Salt Lake City. Porter was well-known as a superior judge of horseflesh, and horses bearing his O.P. or cedar-tree brand were much sought after. Many of these wiry and long-winded steeds were descendants of the fleet-footed Pony Express and stage-line horses.

See if you can figure out what the names of the brands pictured here are. Then design your own brand to mark your books or to use on notes to your friends. For example, if your name is Allen and you are very tall, (big A) could be your brand. If your name is Carrie and you run very fast, (lightning C) could be your brand.



  • (1) Lazy F, (2) Bar D, (3) Tabletop, (4) Twin Peaks, (5) Tall Hat, (6) Square B, (7) Flying W, (8) Broken Arrow, (9) Circle J, (10) Anvil.