“Mommy,” Friend, May 1984, 28


Mommy and I are best friends. We like to laugh together. When I make a funny face, Mommy laughs a lot and calls me a silly goose. She can make good funny faces too.

We planted a garden in the backyard. Mommy and I planted peas. We watered them and pulled out weeds together. Sometimes we eat the peas with dinner, and sometimes we eat them right out of the pod!

We make things for each other too. Mommy made me a brand-new dress, and I made her a birthday card. I colored a picture with my crayons, and Mommy taped it on the wall. When Grandma came over, she saw it and said, “What a lovely picture!”

Mommy teaches me how to cook and how to make hats out of newspaper. I teach her all the songs I make up. Then we sing them together.

Sometimes we help each other. I help Mommy make the beds and sweep the floor, and she helps me put my toys away. We like to help each other!

Before I go to bed, I brush Mommy’s hair. She has long hair, and I brush it many times. Then Mommy brushes my hair. I have long hair, too, and Mommy thinks it is pretty.

Mommy and I like to talk to each other. We talk about rain and birds and Daddy. Mommy tells me stories and jokes, and sometimes she just tells me she loves me. I love her too. I’m glad we’re friends.

Illustrated by Pat Hoggan