Sharing Time: The Fruits of Faith

“Sharing Time: The Fruits of Faith,” Friend, May 1984, 39

Sharing Time:

The Fruits of Faith

Remember that without faith you can do nothing; therefore ask in faith (D&C 8:10).

President Harold B. Lee once said that “faith and a knowledge of the scriptures can help us meet the challenges of today” (Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation 1984). Reading about faithful, courageous men and women in the scriptures can help us to develop the faith and courage we need to make difficult decisions in our own lives. And observing how faithful people today solve their problems can also help our faith to grow.

Faith is like a seed that grows until it bears fruit. Some of the fruits of our faith are the blessings, courage, and strength we receive when we are prayerful and faithful in doing what is right.


  1. Read scripture references on tree one at a time. Decide what person the story is about and write that person’s name below the reference. Cut out apples not on tree and match each blessing with the person receiving it.

    Fruits of faith
    Fruits of faith

    Illustrated by Dick Brown

  2. Choose another person from the scriptures who showed great faith. Write that name and reference on blank apple on tree. Write appropriate blessing on blank cutout apple.

  3. Play the matching game with your family. Let each person tell one story. Ask your parents to tell faith-building stories about your relatives. Make additional apples as needed.

Sharing Time Ideas

  1. Begin with scripture chase. Make several large paper apples, write scripture reference on each one, and tape under chairs. Read one reference at a time and have all children locate story.

  2. Sing “Faith,” More Songs for Children, page 2.

  3. Invite children to retell family experiences about faith and courage.

  4. Tell stories, using related material such as “Faith, Seeds, and Jason’s Mother,” Friend, April 1982, page 2; “The Little Blind Boy of Holland,” Primary Sharing Time Resource Manual, page 22.