February 1984

“Valentines,” Friend, Feb. 1984, inside front cover–1


Rebus Messages

You can make rebus messages for your valentines by using symbols, pictures, letters, and numbers to represent the intended words. Use some of the following examples to put on your scroll or paper-doll valentines. Try creating some of your own rebus messages.


Valentine Scroll

Write rebus message on piece of paper, then roll up paper and tie it with colorful ribbon or yarn.

Paper Doll Valentine

Accordion pleat 4″ x 10″ (10 cm x 25 cm) piece of paper into 2″ (5 cm) folds. Draw simple doll shape on front fold of paper as illustrated. Cut out doll (be sure to leave arms and legs connected), then open doll chain and write message.

Illustrated by Beverly Glazier