Winter Sports

“Winter Sports,” Friend, Feb. 1984, 38

Winter Sports

Match each winter sport with its appropriate definition.

1. Skiing

a. Game played on ice by players sliding heavy stones toward target circle

2. Ice fishing

b. Coasting on snow in 6′–8′ (1.8 m–2.2 m) sled with runners

3. Snowmobiling

c. High-speed game played on ice between two teams trying to drive a puck into their opponent’s goal cage

4. Hockey

d. Fast, dangerous sport in which two- or four-man teams race down banked track in streamlined sleds

5. Sleigh riding

e. Individual sport in which a person glides down snowy slopes on two wooden, metal, or plastic slats

6. Ice-skating

f. Gliding on ice with special shoes that have metal runners attached to them

7. Curling

g. Traveling over snow in a rubber-tracked, motorized vehicle

8. Bobsledding

h. Sailing on ice in boatlike vehicle with runners

9. Iceboating

i. Traveling on snow in vehicle with runner

10. Tobogganing

j. Fishing through hole in ice