Sunday Box Game: Fishing for Facts

“Sunday Box Game: Fishing for Facts,” Friend, Feb. 1984, 16

Sunday Box Game:
Fishing for Facts

  1. Who slew Goliath?

  2. Where did Adam first live?

  3. Who built the ark?

  4. Who was the first person to be resurrected?

  5. Who baptized Jesus?

To make this game for your flannel board Sunday box (see Friend, November 1983, p. 27), you will need: stick short enough to fit into box, string 39″ (1 m) long, magnet, paper, pen or pencil, scissors, and paper clips.

  1. To make fishing pole, tie one end of string to stick, and other end to magnet.

  2. Make several fish, using pattern, then put paper clip on nose of each fish.

  3. Number fish and write gospel question on each one (see illustration for sample questions).

  4. Make answer sheet that includes scripture where answer can be looked up.

  5. Scatter fish in flannel board Sunday box—your fishpond—and take turns catching fish and answering questions. Keep fish when answer is correct. If answer is incorrect, throw fish back into pond. The person who catches the most fish wins.


Illustrated by Janet Raty Foutin