Sharing Time: Remember Your Fathers

    “Sharing Time: Remember Your Fathers,” Friend, June 1983, 29

    Sharing Time:

    Remember Your Fathers

    And a book of remembrance was kept, … and a genealogy was kept of the children of God. (Moses 6: 5, 8)

    Instructions: You can see four generations of your pedigree when you fill out the family tree blanks on page 28. Write your name on the trunk and then ask someone in your family who knows the information to help you fill in the blanks for your ancestors. As you can see, a pedigree chart turned up on its side resembles a tree. Your ancestors are the branches of your family.

    You might like to frame the family tree or copy it onto cloth and make a wall hanging for your father. He would be happy to know that you are proud of your ancestry!

    Sharing Time Ideas

    Make a large copy of family tree of page 28. Ask children these questions: (1) How many grandfathers do you have? (2) How many great-grandfathers?

    Introduce the words matriarchal and patriarchal. Invite children to find out at least one thing about someone on their family tree—something that will help them to remember that person. Perhaps they know of an object, such as a journal, owned by one of their ancestors, or of an incident about one of them. Share this information another week. Encourage children to make phone calls and to write letters, asking questions of living relatives.

    I am proud of my ancestry. I am glad that you belong to me! (Illustrated by Shauna Mooney.)