Whirly Bird

    “Whirly Bird,” Friend, June 1983, 26

    Whirly Bird

    You will need: two plastic cups, scissors, three 1″-wide (2.5 cm.) strips of plastic 25″ (64 cm.) long (cut from empty bread wrapper or other package wrapping), glue, pipe cleaner (yellow, if possible), crayon, and string.

    1. Cut bottoms from cups.

    2. Glue one end of plastic strips to middle of one cup bottom, then glue second cup bottom on top.

    3. When dry, bend 1 1/2″ (4 cm.) piece of pipe cleaner into a V, and poke it into opposite side of disk to form beak.

    4. Draw eyes on both sides of beak.

    5. Poke hole just below beak and tie one end of string through hole. Whirl bird around and around. Watch its tail flow.