Sharing Time: The Savior’s Love

    “Sharing Time: The Savior’s Love,” Friend, Apr. 1982, 24

    Sharing Time:

    The Savior’s Love

    Sharing Time Ideas: Display library pictures of the Savior similar to those shown on this page, or enlarge these drawings and make a large flip chart as described. Have the children choose one way that they can continue in Jesus’ love and draw a picture about it. Ask older children to find and read aloud the scriptures referred to.

    Instructions: Color the five outline pictures, then cut out all six pictures along dashed lines and mount on lightweight cardboard. Punch holes along top of pictures as marked. On back of each mounted picture, draw a picture of yourself doing an act of love similar to the one Jesus is doing. As you draw a picture or write a few sentences describing what you will do that is like what Jesus did, think of the people you can show love to. Place pictures on top of each other with “Continue in My Love” page on top. Line up holes, and tie flip chart with ribbon or yarn.

    The Savior’s love

    Illustrated by Scott Greer