Easter Activities

    “Easter Activities,” Friend, Apr. 1982, 26

    Easter Activities

    Easter Eggs

    You will need: eggs (either hard-boiled or empty and blown dry), egg dyes, small leaves, cheesecloth or old nylon stockings, and elastics.

    Clean surface of each egg with warm water. Let dry. If leaf is quite stiff, dip it in hot water until limp enough to lay against egg. Dry leaf and place on egg. Wrap egg with cheesecloth or nylon stocking and fasten with elastic (see illustration). Prepare dyes according to package directions, then place egg in dye until desired color is achieved. Take out egg, blot dry, remove wrappings and leaf, then let dry. If leaves aren’t available, use cutouts made from tissue paper.

    Eggshell Garden

    To get an early start on spring, make an eggshell garden. You will need: egg carton, 6 eggshells broken in half, potting soil, and seeds.

    Wash out eggshells. Remove top from egg carton. Fill each shell with potting soil, then plant seed in each one. Set shells in carton and place in front of sunny window. Water whenever soil becomes dry. After seed has sprouted and grown for a while and the last frost has passed, plant seedling along with eggshell in outside garden.

    Illustrated by Shauna Mooney