Sharing Time: Make a String Picture

“Sharing Time: Make a String Picture,” Friend, Mar. 1982, 45

Sharing Time:

Make a String Picture

Heavenly Father has provided us with everything we need to grow a garden. And we can be kind and show our appreciation by sharing what we grow with others. Our care of a garden will help the vegetables grow. We will grow, too, as we learn about gardening.

You will need: 8 1/2″ x 11″ blue poster board for sky, 4″ x 11″ brown poster board for soil, 2″ x 11″ green poster board for grass, string, paper punch, scissors, masking tape, pencil, and ruler.

Plant a garden
Plant a garden

Illustrated by Karen Sharp

  1. Draw line 1″ from both top and bottom (11″ side) of blue poster board. Mark places for six holes on each line 1 1/2″ apart so that they line up from top to bottom.

  2. Cut six lengths of string 15″ long. Thread five strings through top and bottom holes, skipping third set of holes. Tie in back, and pull knots to bottom holes.

  3. Tape three outside edges of brown poster board over bottom of blue poster board, making pocket over strings. Punch bottom hole (3) through outside of brown pocket, then thread and tie string as with other holes.

  4. Cut grass profile out of green poster board, and tape outside edges to make another pocket.

  5. Color and cut out numbered pictures, and tape them to corresponding numbered strings so they show above brown and green pockets.

  6. Lower pictures behind pockets by raising string knots. Now pull each picture into view as you sing about it. (See page 48 for music.)

Sharing Time Ideas

Make a larger string picture to help teach the words of the song. Discuss the reasons why we should plant a garden. Older children could assembe string pictures and give to younger children to demonstrate kindness.