Ben and Sabrina

    “Ben and Sabrina,” Friend, Mar. 1982, inside front cover

    Ben and Sabrina

    1 Once upon a time there lived a dinosaur. He was a brontosaur and his name was Ben. Ben was sad and went all around the lake wishing he had something to do.

    2 One day he saw a pretty girl dinosaur. She was a brontosaur too. He was surprised!

    3 He shyly nodded his head. “What is your name?” he asked politely.

    “My name is Sabrina,” she said.

    4 Tyrannosaurus Rex was king of the meat-eating dinosaurs because he was the biggest. He was mean and often ate other dinosaurs.

    One day he started to attack Sabrina while she was eating leaves off a tree. She had not seen him.

    5 Ben liked Sabrina so he quickly ran up to Rex and shouted loudly, “Ha-a-a-a-a-a-a-h!”

    6 Then he yelled to Sabrina, “Run fast to the water!”

    7 Ben surprised Rex so much that he tripped and fell over a cliff into a mud puddle! Rex didn’t bother Ben or Sabrina ever again.

    Sabrina said, “You’re so brave! Will you marry me?”

    8 Ben became shy again, bowed his head and said, “A-a-um, I—I g—guess sooo!”

    And they lived happily ever after together by the lake.

    Illustrated by Thomas Jewkes