Abinadi and King Noah

“Abinadi and King Noah,” Friend, Mar. 1982, 27

Abinadi and King Noah

Adapted from Book of Mormon Stories for Beginning Readers (PBIC0325)

1 God blessed and stengthened the prophet Abinadi, who told King Noah and his priests to repent. The evildoers were angry and tried to kill Abinadi, but they could not. God helped him, for Abinadi had more prophecies to make. (Mosiah 12:1, 2, 19–37; Mosiah 13:1–3.)

2 Abinadi told the people they would be punished if they did not repent. (Mosiah 13:4–35.)

3 He prophesied of the coming of Jesus Christ, and he urged them to obey God’s commandments. (Mosiah 14–16.)

4 He told the priests that they should teach the truth, help the people, and love God. (Mosiah 12:25–37.)

5 Noah and most of his priests did not listen to Abinadi. They sent him to prison, where he was sentenced to die. (Mosiah 17:1, 5.)

6 However, the priest Alma believed Abinadi. He pleaded with the king to let Abinadi go. (Mosiah 17:2.)

7 King Noah was angry with Alma and sent soldiers to kill him. But they could not find him. (Mosiah 17:3, 4.)

8 Alma repented of his sins. He hid from the soldiers and wrote down the words of Abinadi and began to teach them. (Mosiah 17:4; Mosiah 18:1.)

9 Noah wanted Abinadi to deny what he had told the people or he would be killed. (Mosiah 17:6–8.)

10 Abinadi knew he had told the truth and he would not deny it. (Mosiah 17:9, 10.)

11 Noah ordered his soldiers to burn Abinadi to death. But he was not afraid to die, for he was a righteous man. (Mosiah 17:12–20.)

12 Because of their wickedness and unbelief, Noah and his people were unprepared when the Lamanites came to fight them. (Mosiah 19:1–7.)

13 Noah and his people fled from the Lamanites. In his cowardice, the king told the men to leave their women and children behind. (Mosiah 19:9–11.)

14 The Lamanites pursued Noah and his men and captured many of them. (Mosiah 19:12–15.)

15 Some of Noah’s men wanted to go back to their families if they were still alive and avenge the Lamanites’ victories. (Mosiah 19:19.)

16 Noah forbade them to return. He wanted them to stay with him for his own protection. (Mosiah 19:20.)

17 The men became very angry with King Noah and they burned him to death. Then they went back to their families. (Mosiah 19:20–24.)