Mysterious Visit

“Mysterious Visit,” Friend, Nov. 1972, 6

Mysterious Visit

“We’re going to an interesting place today,” Grandfather said as he came into the kitchen.

“Where are we going?” asked Jimmy.

“Someplace that is very close,” Grandfather replied. “We can drive there in fifteen minutes.”

“What will I see?” Jimmy wanted to know.

“You’ll see many things that you’ve never seen before,” Grandfather answered.

“Will I see a horse?” Jimmy loved to play guessing games.

“You’ll see every kind of horse you’ve ever wanted to see,” Grandfather explained.

“Are we going to a farm?” Jimmy asked.

“No. You’ll have to guess again,” said Grandfather with a twinkle in his eye.

Jimmy looked at Mother. “Grandfather says I’m not going to a farm. But he says that I’m going to see horses.”

“Perhaps there are other places where you can see horses, Jimmy,” Mother smiled.

Jimmy thought about that. Then he had an idea. “Will I see all kinds of bears and wild animals?”

Grandfather nodded his head. “And you’ll see many other animals too, Jimmy.”

Jimmy looked puzzled for a moment and then laughed, “I know. Grandfather is taking me to the zoo.”

Grandfather shook his head, “No, we’re not going to the zoo. But we’ll see all kinds of zoo animals.”

“Grandfather,” Mother asked, “what else will Jimmy be able to see?”

“Everything,” Grandfather answered. “If you want to see the stars and the planets, they are there. If you want to learn about insects, you’ll find them there too.”

Jimmy was really puzzled now. Where can Grandfather be taking me? Jimmy wondered as they rode in the car. Where is this mysterious place we are going to visit?

Finally Grandfather parked the car in front of a big building with large windows. There were many steps leading up to the front door.

Jimmy asked, “Is this where I’m going to see everything?”

Grandfather smiled. “Yes it is, Jimmy,” he answered. “Anything you want to learn or see is inside this building.”

“How can everything be inside a building?” Jimmy asked. That seemed hard to believe.

“All that man has learned and all the places he has been have been recorded in books,” Grandfather explained. “And in this one building you can see pictures and read about anything you wish!”

Jimmy looked at Grandfather. “What is this wonderful building?” he asked.

“The library, Jimmy,” Grandfather smiled.

And hand in hand they walked together up the steps and into the building.

Illustrated by JaNeanne Webster