What Do You Know about Food?

“What Do You Know about Food?” Friend, Nov. 1972, 27

What Do You Know about Food?

Draw a line from the name of the food to its correct description:

1. Shish kebab

A. An animal in Tibet that furnishes milk to drink

2. Pizza

B. A bread made in Germany from dark flour.

3. Blubber

C. A dish made in Italy of cheese and tomato baked on a pie crust and topped with sausage and other foods.

4. Yak

D. An Armenian dish of lamb, tomatoes, peppers, and onion cooked together on a skewer.

5. Pumpernickel

E. Fat from seals, walruses, and whales, eaten by Eskimos.

Circle the correct answer:

1. Edible oysters produce (valuable pearls) (worthless pearls) (no pearls).

2. Ice cream was first made in (France) (Italy) (Austria).

3. Chine is (a Mexican herb) (a cut of meat) (a type of macaroni).

4. Octopus flesh is a favorite dish of the (Polynesians) (Japanese) (Chinese).

5. Bananas grow on a (vine) (tree) (plant that is not a tree).

What part of the vegetable do we eat? Draw a line from the vegetable to the part eaten. Some parts will be used more than once.

1. Asparagus

a. leaves

2. Potato

b. roots

3. Celery

c. bulbs

4. Onions

d. stalks

5. Cauliflower

e. flowers

6. Beets

f. stems

7. Carrots

g. tuber

8. Cabbage

9. Lettuce

10. Spinach