November Calendar

“November Calendar,” Friend, Nov. 1972, 24

November Calendar

November was the ninth month (the Latin word novem means “nine”) of the early Roman calendar that began in March. At different times there have been twenty-nine, thirty, and thirty-one days in November. Today November is the eleventh month on the calendar and has thirty days.

Pres. John Taylor: Born November 1, 1808.

Louvre Museum in Paris first opened to public: November 8, 1793.

Nauvoo Temple baptismal font dedicated: November 8, 1841.

Alexander Borodin: Russian composer. Born November 12, 1834.

“Falling of the Stars,” grand meteoric shower: November 13, 1833.

Pres. Joseph F. Smith: Born November 13, 1838.

Annual elephant roundup in Thailand: Mid-November.

Central America Mission opened: November 16, 1952.

Explorers Lewis and Clark first sighted, Pacific Ocean: November 17, 1805.

Suez Canal opened: November 17, 1869.

First Primary and Relief Society in Canada organized, Lee’s Creek, Alberta: November 19, 1887.

Pres. Heber J. Grant: Born November 22, 1856.

Baruch Spinoza: Dutch philosopher. Born November 24, 1632.

William Blake: English poet and painter. Born November 28, 1757.

1972 Book Week Poster prepared by William Steig for the Children’s Book Council, Inc.