Rock Candy

“Rock Candy,” Friend, Jan. 1972, 41

Rock Candy

Crystals come in many different sizes and shapes. Scientists believe that the shape of crystals depends upon the way in which atoms are arranged to form molecules.

Sugar crystals are usually too tiny to be seen without the aid of a magnifying glass, but here is how you can easily make rock candy sugar crystals:

Add two cups of sugar to a pan containing one cup of boiling water. Stir until sugar is completely dissolved, and then pour into a large wide-mouthed glass. Tie two or three pieces of clean cotton string to a pencil, and attach a paper clip to the end of each string to prevent floating. Lay the pencil across the top of the glass with strings in the solution (see illustration).

After a few days, small sugar crystals will begin to form on the string. Leave the mixture until large crystals are formed. If a crust of sugar forms on the surface of the water, remove it so that evaporation can continue.

After the crystals have grown to the size you want, you may then enjoy your homemade “rock candy.”